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Part 2 of the Sonic fanbase negativity. I would also like to recommend reading this article to: Yojiro Ogawa and Tetsuo Katano know Sonic the Hedgehog

-Character Bashing and mishandling-

Since probably Shadow and 06, fanboys got it in their head somehow that the other characters are to blame for the 3D games going bad(despite one easily looking at the handheld games and spin-offs to see that alone isn’t the reason). In this article by Heru Sankofa, he brings up the irrational hatred towards the other characters, and the real reasons why people were frustrated with them, so I’ll focus on some other aspects to this. Now, he brings up heroes in the end, and the funny thing is that it’s fixed in a fan game called Sonic World.

And this…

There’s also Sonic Advance 3 but you get the gist by now.

Of course, the main problem people complained about was having to switch to other characters, with other gameplay styles, or genre roulette as the trope goes. What confuses me is how this was such a problem when the gameplay quality, which these people focus on so much, weren’t really that bad, flawed, but most games are flawed in so way anyway, so it’s really about which flaws get overblown. The problem I find here is that most of the biggest complainers were Nintendo fans, and are constantly talking about how Mario is better(for no good reason aside from gameplay, which isn’t nothing special it itself), yet I don’t hear anybody talk bad about the Mario Party series or the Olympics games, both series that are nothing BUT genre roulette(Mario Party having those tired board games to go with it). Of course, this is why no one would say anything about them, but I find it hard to believe people can enjoy these games when many of the games you play in both of those series aren’t that great on their own. If anything, most mini games I can remember in the first 3 Mario Party games weren’t even that fun. Then we get to Sonic Adventure 2, which basically gave you mech gameplay(also playing as Eggman being a big perk), and treasure hunting. The mech gameplay gets flamed for being slow and people having a problem with Tails doing it(when all he did in SA1 was race Sonic). Even though Gamma was faster in SA1, being slower isn’t that much of a flaw(Especially controlling mechs that we should know can’t move on a dime anyway, based on the designs), especially when the stages are designed for slower movement anyway, it’s not like you were running then entire stretches of space and going against time. Then the Tails argument, that in itself is a nitpick given that Eggman had the same gameplay but as you can see, isn’t a problem on it’s own, so the same should go for Tails. The you have the hunting stages. Granted, SA2 had the broken radar, this still wasn’t that big of a deal unless you got stuck in certain stages. The thing about this is that this is EXACTLY the same thing you do in Mario 64, and many games they emulated it, in fact, IT WAS BETTER! In Mario 64, you didn’t even have a radar or anything if you got lost and had no idea what you had to do to complete the mission. Even if you did, you have to find a certain number of McGuffins or certain items. Remember the mission in the first Snow World where you had to some baby penguin and take it back to it’s mom? You literally had to pick it up and take it all the way down that big mountain(or up, I don’t remember), wheras SA1 and 2, you just had to find 3 crystals, and in the first stages, you could get it done in less then a minute. There’s also the gameplay, where you have Mario being just Mario, and Knuckles and Rouge could run fast, glide, climb walls, and dig for other items. Plus, they had better backgrounds and music to go with it. But I guess because that and the mech stages were part of a 3-way genre roulette, they have to be criticized beyond the actual problems, or overblown.

Then you get to Shadow, which people were just mad that the game was dark(no darker then SA2 mind you), people were just mad about the guns and vehicles, which had no negative impact on the game whatsoever. Then 06, which had more characters to use, but actually did away with genre roulette, and each character just had different abilities, and you only played as them in certain stages, while you still mainly used Sonic, Silver, and Shadow. The game even had a co-op mode for 2 players to only use one of the 3 hedgehogs they picked, doing away with character switching, and the Team Attack Amigo(I think that was the name) DLC that lets you play as Tails(who got fixed), Blaze, and Omega for 3 stages each, and you played all those stages in a row with no switching until they were done. I should also mention this game was original going to have online multiplayer, which would’ve worked even in this game’s state seeing how neither me or my friends had any problems with glitches during local co-op(Then again, we hardly had any of those during the main story). This makes the hatred of Shadow and 06 even more ironic because for the most part, they did away with a good number of problems complained about in SA1 and 2, and people still focused on what other problems they could blow up.

Before I move on from this subject, I did bring up Mario Party before, and there’s no reason to bring up shuffle since it’s mainly a clone, there was another party games that managed to outdo both games.

Why do I say this game outdoes Mario Party and Sonic Shuffle? For one, Crash Bash completely did away with the maps and lets you get straight to the games, and they’re battle based and actually fun to play. Plus, instead some of them being hard to play or don’t need a learning curve, these are easier and the AI only gets hard as you progress through the game, though it’s a problem if you play alone when all the AI are gunning for you, all the time. In any case, not only is genre roulette out of the picture, but you get to use any character you want, and at that, there’s a much better plot to.

Getting back to Sonic, regardless of the problems, the people who complain don’t make up the entire fanbase. There are people who were ok and even liked the other characters, they have fans of their own pretty much, giving more value to them then other give them credit for. Many of them were either cool yet we have to ditch them because SOME fans didn’t like them, like how Silver has his Telekinetic powers, but while he should’ve had a basic attack rather then needing to upgrade for his shock move, people got on him just because he was slow, which his abilities made up for in the first place. What I find jarring is that Amy is hardly called out on this when she was also nerfed compared to everyone else, I mean I had a better time playing as Big then Amy, I spent most of my time with him out in the fields rather then fishing. I even heard a friend of mine tell me that someone praised Amy in one of the advance games because she was hard to play with then the other characters, which made no sense whatsoever. I’m chalking that up to someone having hardcore gamer tendencies.

With us having all those complaints, we had lose many of those characters, at least in the main games, Black Knight being the best game they were in at the time, but now along with the series, they’re loosing some of their coolnes now and being mishandled, Sonic and Knuckles taking more damage in this department. One could easily look at the majority of the Sonic material up till 06 and then everything afterword to see the full direction of character mishandling the characters of this series has gone through. Don’t get me wrong, I know some of it started around the Adventure era, just not in the adventure games themselves(though Knuckles being tricked my Eggman again may have started this his huge decline in handling). Point is, Sonic and co were a lot cooler back in this time, but it’s like since Unleashed, there was this change going on where things were getting a lot less cool and epic, and even though the story book titles brought some of that Sonic coolness back, Colors just went …. not even downhill, it fell of a cliff at how when it came to it’s coolness, I.E., lacking it completely.

We went from characters with a mission:


To self aware jokers:


Sonic is now telling jokes that goes on a lot longer then they need to(especially when they aren’t funny from the start), Tails just sits on the side lines doing jack, Knuckles was turned into the laughing stock of the series, and Eggman turned into a complete buffoon. They literally took the modern kids cartoon way of handling Sonic, which is a huge mistake. Thankfully, the archie comics and still going, but I’m concerned over that reboot because of how much it started resembling the games. While it’s only in narrative and the characters are still themselves, what’s stopping them from turning the comics into the games even more, to the point we loose the good writing to? Hell, Ian Flynn could get fire, seriously injured or worse, and a new writer would have to be brought in, who just may be another fan of the kiddy direction, or doesn’t know Sonic and thinks that direction is the more logical approach to Sonic?  See as though I brought the comics up, I should put this here for an example of how the writing goes when the story is focused on action and purpose rather then bad comic relief.

For all the beef these comics got with many Sonic fans, they do a much better job at character portrayal, rather then making them self aware jokers, which is another basis of negativity in this fanbase, watching our favorite characters being forced into bad writing for cheap attempts at writing, and that’s not what people want in their games. If there are any games with comedy that manage to pull it off, it’s because they still put effort into the story and characters. For example…


After talking with a few other folks tome time ago, some pages from TVTropes were brought to my attention. It seems that there always seems to be a problem with animation that takes itself seriously and a combination of moral guardians and executives who either get the shows flipped up or outright cancelled, which bothers me that shows like Family Guy and American Dad are able to exist, though, we still have some good adult cartoons, most of them are just on adult swim and more about satire then action, not that it’s a bad thing of course(Boondocks, Black Dynamite, Venture Bros.), but worth noting. The thing about this is how it’s effecting the Sonic franchise, in a very negative way, but it’s not even parents, but other gamers, mainly Nintendo fanboys, at this point they’re the main group of gamers who don’t like dark or serious content but claim gameplay is most important, meaning that content is still important in how the judge games they may now have played, as shown here….

Gameplay vs. Mature

There’s more to this here:

I mean come on, the Ratchet and Clank fanbase actually demanded a more serious Ratchet game and they got it with Into the Nexus. It was short but sweet, and half the price of most AAA titles. In any case, the Nintendo fanboys/drones/corporate slaves, not the whole fanbase, just many that claim to be sonic fans, with Sonic games, replace the moral guardians in Sonic’s situation when it comes to people not being able to handle him being dark or serious, much like adults who don’t like this in animation. However, executive meddling still comes into play here, at least if you count Izuka’s decision making since SA2, and how much control Sega of Japan may have over the series, like the constant worshiping of Mario.

Getting back on other shows, it seems that for a long time, we’ve been having people decide our content for us when it comes to TV(Which is probably why Video Games probably come under fire so much since they have almost total freedom to do whatever and are easily accessible), while the fans of the shows in question have no say in the matter. The tropes I’m posting here are some of the more glaring examples of the negatives, Sonic SATAM even getting in on the action. There’s a lot here, and I didn’t want this article being too long, I just wanted this to be brought to peoples attention and show how it’s effecting Sonic, but it also goes to show why we don’t have many good cartoons on these days. Consider my article over from this point on, the rest are just the tropes. I may elaborate more on this at some point.


What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids: Western Animation:

According to Todd McFarlane, when he first started pitching an animated version of Spawn, the networks he talked to wanted to make a Saturday morning version. Right down to talking animal sidekick, though at that point he may have been being sarcastic in his recollections. It seemed none of the big-wigs realized that a character whose name was short for “Hellspawn” and who was horribly burnt head to toe and fought against multiple angels and devils across Earth, heaven and hell itself wasn’t a good fit alongside the light-hearted fair common to those slots. Then again, when he finally got the nod from HBO, airing past-prime-time with numerous warnings of its content, people still complained that this ‘kiddie cartoon’ was so graphically violent and sexual, leaving him feeling like he never should have bothered in the first place.

 Young Justice. You’re telling me the concept of a covert team of vigilante child soldiers fighting a super villain Illuminati while slowly but surely crossing whatever lines they have to (up to and including faking the death of one of their own by another member so she might be planted as a deep cover agent in said organization) slowly being torn apart on a psychological level by all their secrets is supposed to be an innocent adventure in the DC universe? Also, the whole show had pacing that was much more deliberative than most children would be used to. Given its time slot, god only knows who it actually was for.

    The complex story and good pacing had nothing to do with the target audience. It was indeed made for a young audience, just older children (8-14 year olds). This is more of a case of What Do You Mean It’s For Kids? It just had a lot of Parental Bonus that older viewers enjoyed.

Animation Age Ghetto

SWAT Kats jumps to mind. Running from 1993 to 1995, It was among the earlier western attempts at breaking the ghetto, and, in spite of the many problems that popped up because of that, the series went on to become a hit and garnered high ratings.
(From their main page)
Unfortunately, SWAT Kats’ attempts to break out of the Animation Age Ghetto came too soon for many people, and the series took criticism for its violent content. Even before that, the show underwent extensive Executive Meddling during its first season, forcing the creators to insert several inherently silly and “kid-ified” stuff aimed at younger audiences (which clashed horribly with the show’s dark premise). This changed in the second season, since the first season’s good ratings enabled the series to get an Animation Bump (and a slight makeover) that resulted in a Darker and Edgier style which proved to be a better fit for the show.

The show was cancelled after its second season, passed over in favor of Turner’s “What A Cartoon!” project (which gave birth to future Cartoon Cartoons such as Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, and Johnny Bravo). At the time of its cancellation, SWAT Kats was one of Hanna-Barbera’s highest rated syndicated shows, and there were three unfinished episodes in production (as well as established outlines for up to seven more episodes), which all got left hanging. While Turner is often quoted as saying that Hanna-Barbera had plenty of other cartoons which didn’t “encourage kids to shoot people”, it’s a leap to deduce that he cancelled SWAT Kats, as he was actually referring to Beavis And Butthead. note  Christian Tremblay, co-creator of SWAT Kats, denies Turner had anything to do with the cancellation: “We have respect for Ted Turner, because of him, we got the show financed back in 1993, and I like the guy. The decision to stop the show was not his but more executives way below him.”

A similar occurrence took place to a much greater extent, especially in the later seasons, of Static Shock. The Milestone Comic on which it is based can be best described as an Amazing Spider-Man with a black hero, twice as much angst, and 10 times more contemporary content (sex, gay-bashing and visual gang warfare were but a few of the series’s recurring focal points). While the beginning of the animated series is close enough to its source material, it became more and more child-oriented as time went on. Family-Friendly Firearms was in full effect by the middle of the series even though real guns were seen and used in the series’ premiere. There is another example of a non-laser gun when a bullied kid steals his father’s gun with the intention to kill his tormentor; he ends up being knocked to the ground by some students with the gun going off and hitting his friend Richie in the leg. Richie doesn’t bleed, but you can tell he is in serious pain. Later on, we find out he could’ve died if the bullet struck any higher.

Exact same time period, the Saturday morning version of Sonic the Hedgehog (known by fans as SatAM to differentiate it from the syndicated The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) similarly subverted the ghetto. Unfortunately, it fell victim to the decline of Saturday Morning Cartoons in general; many markets pre-empted it from the start in favor of Saturday morning local news. A third season was in the works, but would never see the light of day.

Executive Meddling: Western Animation:
(With all the Moral Guardians and people who want to milk money from franchises, Western Animation is rife with Executive Meddling. )
^I had to throw that in…. now to get to the stuff:

Disney during the last decade of Michael Eisner’s reign was this trope in motion. It came to a head in 1999, when Peter Schneider left his job as chairman of Disney Feature Animation. Eisner told Sharon Morrill (head of Disney’s direct-to-video department) and newly installed Feature Animation head Thomas Schumacher that he no longer wanted to be beholden to filmmakers – from that point on, executives would be making all of the creative decisions. What resulted were seven years of the company spiraling out of control, burning bridges with nearly everyone in Hollywood (including their most valuable partner Pixar), infuriating their stockholders (who revolted after Walt Disney’s nephew Roy resigned from the company in protest), and ultimately costing Eisner his job and Disney its reputation. Thankfully It Got Better, but those last few years are probably the reason that his successor Bob Iger has been the most hands-off CEO that Disney has ever had.

Word of God says that the Earthworm Jim cartoon was made to boost video game sales and that Doug TenNapel wants nothing to do with the show (despite that it’s considered one of the best cartoons of the 1990s).

”Gargoyles suffered this during its final season, The Goliath Chronicles. Executives wanted more lessons crammed in, resulting in a Full House moment at the end of every episode. Unsurprisingly, both the fans and the creator don’t consider the third season as part of canon, save for the first episode.

This is the EXACT reason Sym-Bionic Titan was cancelled, apparently because the higher ups at Cartoon Network wanted toy companies to make toys for the series, but failed to get licensers for it.

    Now it seems that there actually were several toy manufacturers who wanted to take on the show but Cartoon Network never contacted any of them and the show was murdered because of a personal falling out between executives at CN and Genndy Tartakovsky, the former of which wanted the show to go in a more Ben 10 direction.

 In October 2012, DC Nation was set to air the third new episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series since they came back from hiatus… only for them to be hiatused again ten hours before airtime and told they’d be back in January. Many rumors came about, including the lack of shorts and the fact that the episode of Young Justice to be aired has Stephanie Brown, the poster child of DC’s Executive Meddling in the New52 era. Current theory is that there were licencing problems involved with YJ using Milestone-based characters like Icon, Rocket and Static— which still doesn’t explain why Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the shorts were pulled, too. Whether it’s Executive Meddling or Screwed by the Network is still unclear.

    Shortly after the shows came back, Cartoon Network dropped the revelation that both would not be renewed for more seasons. The two series had been quietly cancelled back before the hiatus, although the creative teams were not allowed to state it until the network made it official. The apparent reasoning for the schedule change and cancellation was that network higher-ups felt that the shows did not perform well enough, due to their lack of toylines. According to Jerome K Moore (character designer for Young Justice), WB Animation was willing to go through with a season 3, but the network’s lack of renewal put a halt to the idea.
    Recently, an interview with Paul Dini by Kevin Smith laid out a big bombshell: that Cartoon Network is in the mindset that not only do cartoons just sell toys, but also that cartoons are only for boys. Many of the cartoons were being enjoyed by girls and, as such, Cartoon Network has deemed them “failures”.

 Sonic Sat AM The series was cancelled because of meddling, not from Sega, but from ABC – a new president came in and declared that he was sweeping out the old and bringing in new stuff. That, coupled with the fact that the show’s ratings suffered as a result of its competition with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, resulted in its cancellation.

    Some of the second season’s alterations were a result of Executive Meddling too. The creative team were asked to balance out the gender ratio with another female character, resulting in the creation of spotlight stealer Dulcy the Dragon. Similarly, executives also asked for more comedic material, the infamous Antoine-centered half-hour episodes being part of that request. 

What I wanna do here is show a few games that have the balance that most E rated games of today are missing, as well as elements on how Sonic can be handled when done right. At the very least, it will show that an E rated games doesn’t need to be just for kids or made the same way Nintendo likes to do them, or at least showing a good balance.

Now, looking at all those games, you’ve got elements there that make the games more interesting. All of them have an engaging storyline and action to make you get into and care about the game, as well as good music, Sly Cooper has good balanced dialogue, Bastion and Tansistor have great artstyle and presentation, Bomberman showcases it’s cool looking enemies, which look like robots with DBZ scanners, and Buck Bumble has it’s cool premise of an armed cybernetic bee going against an army of mutated bugs, and it’s not played merely for kicks. In their own way, all of these games have something cool and interesting about them that people of all ages can get into, without primarily being made to target to kids, unlike this:

Whether or not Lost Mind looks fun, the game is no where near appealing to the average gamer nor is it presented well enough to make people care beyond that fact that it’s a Sonic game and that it’s colorful, proven by the experience noted in this article. Of course, you have Sonic Boom which looks better in comparison, but that dialogue is gonna piss off a good amount of people, if it already hasn’t.

First off, I wanna go on record that I feel that this, very well done video, is aimed at Nintendo fanboys, though it may not be the authors intent, I don’t know too many other kinds of gamers who would need to be told this:

I can’t comment on everything the guy says since it’s been a while since I watched it, but it really needs to be pointed out that too many gamers generalize games for the smallest things. Yes, someone could try to say, for instance, Sonic Boom, that people criticize without playing it, but many of us actually look at the content which is shown in the game because that’s what matters most, not just the gameplay, and many of us feel that the content sucks. It’s different from the average hardcore gamer, either Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft , where you get those(Nintendo boys) that talk about gameplay over content(and ESRB rating) but will only acknowledge Nintendo games when they do it, and when it comes to M rated games, most of the time, they claim them to not be fun or “not mature”, because for some reason, they think rated M is suppose to mean handling things rationally, when it reality, there isn’t too many games I can think of that do that, at all, being that the majority of them are based conflict to begin with, and your characters isn’t always your standard hero type. I have to say though, I doubt this will be a convincing argument when scenes like this come out of these “non-mature” games:

Then, you got a lot of these other cats who fill any E rated game or any with a good amount of, color, in it, are kiddy. Now, for the most part, I partially agree, since many E rated games these days aren’t even half as good or appealing as many in the past or most other games these days in general, especially back in the 16-bit era, where we had games like Toejam and Earl, Battletoads, and Earthworm Jim, however, if one were to actually pay attention to Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Steam, you can find a good amount of E looking games without near kiddy content. The thing is with this bunch, we run into a problem when games that aren’t even kiddy at all are still criticized for some reason(I read about this happening to a specific game but I can’t find the TVTrope page I read this about).

Now, about games being fun, I think people tend to mix the context. For example, with Sonic games, I’ve seen many people say as an argument against taking Sonic seriously, that Sonic is about fun. Here’s the thing, video games in general are suppose to be fun in some way, shape, or form, and many of them can do it while having serious or even dark elements, and hell, I don’t see people complaining about Sonic CD being dark, yes it was more subtle, but the shiznit was there. In any case, I think people who say this are using the context that the game itself needs to be fun, I.E., like Sonic colors where the game tries it’s hardest to be funny, or just not being serious at all and putting on a smile through everything, or even basically being sugar-coated, the best way of summing this up is being light hearted. The problem is that this is kinda pushing the notion that the games need to be Fun/light hearted to actually be fun to play, or better yet, enjoyable, and that kinda sets you up to hating almost anything that doesn’t follow this notion, or outright ignoring many great titles even if they look “Fun”, and either way, shouldn’t be the only thing focused on all the time. People want more then just “fun” games, they want engaging games are at least one that appeals to them and accommodating features to make them enjoyable, which in itself, will make them fun to play, for example, GTA+Online=Fun. It’s funny though, as I played GTA3 a long time ago with a code book and made every pedestrian riot and gave them weapons. The streets were on fire, and it was funny as hell, and fun to play. Even then though, as I played Halo 4, the campaign itself was not “fun”, but the thing was, I played it for the engaging and epic storyline, which the experience in itself, is what made the game worth playing. However, it’s a different story online against other players, I can say it was fun, especially when I understood that it was better to find other weapons since most of them were better then your average loadout(not just the pistols, rifles and other energy weapons you unlocked as you played). Marvel Alliance 2, what makes it fun is getting all these cool super heroes together to serve beat downs, and it’s always fun playing as Deadpool, and both Luke Cage and Venom or also just as cool. Unreal Tournament(Get COD out my face), I can easily say this is actually fun to play, it’s fast paced and they have all these sci-fi weapons, but once notable match i got into was a team match in a small map with nothing but rocket launchers. Yeah, I got killed a lot, but everyone on the scoreboard walked away with over a hundred kills, and I came in late mind you, lol, so I still came out pretty good.

I think this is the real problem here, it’s not even focusing only on fun as I look at it now, because you can enjoy a game for different reasons, which makes it fun, but using “Fun” as a descriptive manner and placing strict guidelines to it, that is needing games to be their vision of fun, rather then being able to enjoy them for what the game itself offers. It’s dangerous within the Sonic fanbase since the term can easily be confused with the games themselves needing to be fun to play since Sonic suffered in gameplay(not to a degree that made the games bad, only in 06’s case since it wasn’t polished anyway), so it sorta puts them in the right to the average person unless you actually think about it, since many of us still had fun with the darker games. The other troubling part about this is when so many of these people will tell you, if you make the complaint, is that whether or not a game is too kiddy/light hearted shouldn’t matter, only that you enjoy the game, but outside of them placing strict guidelines on enjoying games, they will turn around and try to convince people that it’s wrong for Sonic to be dark and/or taken seriously. One would have to ask how is that so when being kiddy doesn’t matter, but it matters of it’s dark, unless of course they just don’t want to take Sonic seriously, period. First of all, it shows how much content actually matters, and it showed when Sega and Sonic took half the console market from Nintendo back in the day, and it shows when they try to convince you that Sonic Lost World is good when the gameplay sucks. One could say that since so many games are dark/M rated/not “fun”, that they are trying to hang onto what few “Fun” games they can find, but there’s 2 things to that:

1. Like I said before, if you pay attention to the digital market, or sometimes, the rest of the video game industry and not just focus on M rated games, you’ll find some good E rated games. It’s reinforced, as listed by TVTropes, ” in 2010 only 5% of video games released had an M rating. However, this small minority was the focus of more hype than the rest”.

2. Sonic was not made to be their vision of “fun”, I.E., light hearted. No matter how much they will try to use the classics to further their arguments, but most normal people can see that Sonic was a totally different beast from Mario, especially after Sonic FREAKIN’ 1, and AOSTH for that matter. Hell, taking notice to the fact that Sonic’s 2 fights with the final boss in 3&Knuckles was more epic then most non-cartoony games at the time(I’m talking Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, Mortal kombat, etc), or even most other cartoony games(almost all), will tell you Sonic was definitely made to be edgy(The main reason he was not only the most popular character at the time, but why so many characters mimicked him). The ironic part though? What Sega has been doing to Sonic since Colors and what the Xer’s advocate is exactly why the majority of Sonic copies failed in the first place.(I really need to write something just about this).

Anyway, the whole argument about games needing to be “fun”/light hearted to be enjoyable is flawed, the bit about gameplay being the most important part of a game is flawed, and appeal is what it all comes down to for even picking up games and spending your money on them in the first place, and it’s proven on all side on the daily. Anyone trying to say different, the next time someone offers you something, just say no, you had too much of it. Peace.

Well it’s been a while but I really had to do this. There isn’t much else that has to be said about this article since I posted enough there as it is, however this goes way past the point of liking or disliking Shadow(I would’ve spoke up if he wrote junk like this about any Sonic character), but it’s utter stupidity and high high levels of Hate Dumb is alarming. First off, we get it, the guy hates Shadow, but comments like these are not only going overboard, but distracting from the actual reasons these problems came up.

“This blatant attempt by Sega to have their child-friendly series appeal to gun-porn fanatics” – rumor has it that it was actually kids who asked for this game to happen, and even then, we’ve had kid friendly games with guns in them before, or matter of fact, kids playing games with guns in them since, ever. Not to mention that if you read about Shadow on Wikipedia, his solo game “was voted the best game of 2006 in the Official Jetix Magazine Reader Awards”, Jetix being a kids Magazine. Certainly don’t see the new games gettin’ praise outside of reviewers that Sonic fans finally decided not to listen to when a good amount of them bash Lost World(oh god that was funny)

“these personality traits – found frequently in numerous works aimed at young adults – that have resonated with Sonic’s increasingly hormonal fanbase. As such, Shadow’s – and to an extent, Rouge’s – presence in the Sonic series has been a major catalyst in the rise of awkwardly romantic and sexual Sonic fan art and fan fiction. ” – He’s actually blaming personality traits and certain characters for the presence of porn? I guess every game and cartoon known to man were edgy and dark, given the fact that Rule 34 means “if it exists, there’s porn of it”. Heh, I guess it now means “if it exists, it’s dark and edgy” by this nut cases logic. I would have to wonder what he thought of Sally before she was turned metal and rebooted with full clothing.


The chick many a hater accused of selling her body for not meeting a non-existent dress code.

“inextricably linked to, and is at least partially responsible for, Sega’s post-Dreamcast woes” – This is just a flat out lie. The majority of this is mainly on Sega of Japans shoulders. Hell, it was their bright idea to kill off the Genesis too soon(killing off Ristar’s chances at good sales) out of the sake of their own jealousy of the Sega U.S. branch doing better then them in their own country. It was a slippery downfall since then, and to you Nintendo drones, Sega went 3rd party because of Sony over hyping the PS2, not Nintendo simply “winning”, as they had been havin’ their backsides handed to them since the PS1 came out. All of Sega problems were do to internal affairs.

Another issue with not only the article, but many of the comments as well, is the mystical beast of a buzzword know as “opinion”. The problem here is that for some reason, people seem to think stating an opinion means you should be able to spit any BS and that no one should criticize the person for being wrong or outright stupid. It’s like having a guy say “Hitler was right” and gettin’ mad at someone from slapping him because “he only stated his opinion!”. This is exactly why I said some time ago that people should forget about respecting opinions, because it’s never about stating opinions, it’s about begging people to stroke your ego. Not to mention that people care more about respecting opinions rather then other people, and I know someone’s gonna say something about my aggressive comments on TSSZ, but I can’t show respect to people like that, especially when they promote the series into becoming and over childish series for the sake of either their own fear of having another Shadow and 06, or plain vanity when it comes to games being light hearted, because the majority of the time, the people begging for Sonic to be more “whimsical” usually be the type of folk who bash other games just for being M-rated, or ignore almost anything Nintendo doesn’t make. I.E. Nintendo drones. I mean, these people could at least act like you can have balanced games. Furthermore, if everyone had this logic and let anyone say what they want without question, we wouldn’t get videos like this:

Going off that, overall, the article itself is a bad reflection on the fanbase, cause you know once some outsider reads this, they’re just gonna think “those Sonic fans again”, or even worse, anyone from Sega thinks so. Just like the guy who first complained about green eyes, people will look at that article and just think of us in general, meaning it will reflect how Sonic fans feel, rather they actually do or not, plus, this is posted on a popular new site as well. It’s really an insult to everyone involved and makes you wonder how many of these people are actually Sonic fans(the commenters and westgarth, not TSSZ as a whole), but even then, I’ve got half the mind to boycott TSSZ if articles like these are what’s allowed to be put on their boards, mainly for the bad representation it brings down on the rest of us.

Lastly, I wanna say that ideas like Shadow being like Mandark or Squidward or just plain idiotic. Hey, we’ve got a cool series about anthromophic heroes going around saving the world from mad scientists and evil aliens! You know what would be great to base our work on for a cool Anti-Hero? Bland or nerdy characters from cartoon with barely any action in them whatsoever!!!!(TBH, I did like Dexters Lab but that’s beside the point).

And don’t you question it either, “because they sound different”, we automatically have to accept such lunacy. I bet they’d be singing a different tune if I had suggested Shadow be like this in the same fashion-


But kids love me!

Eh, who I’m I kiddin’, even this would be too far for these sensitive people-


I’m melodramatic….

There’s the whole “child-friendly” issue but do really need to point out the obvious for the thousandth time? Seriously, kids have been playing shooters since the NES days, plus games with mature content. What the hell was wrong about kids playing any of the “dark games” before Colors?

Had to rush that last article, I had someplace to be and wanted people to have a general idea of what I wanted to say before I got all my thoughts together, and assuming that you’ve read it(if you didn’t, it ain’t that long), I can move along to elaborate more on what I was sayin’. Now, about M rated games having more appeal and substance, imma give you some examples.

The entire game just spits badass. Pick one of the characters with their killer cyber weapons and wreck the other team, or everyone else, and all kinds of things can go down in the middle of a fight, from cashing planes, super robots you can kill for a bonus, giant mutants, etc., all to one of the best soundtracks this generation since Madworld(Same devs and most of the same artists AND THEY BROUGHT IT SON!). The story pits you as either a bounty hunter or cop looking for a wanted man, both getting into different challenges along the way, even each other.


It may not be the perfect game, but you have multiple weapons and guns to choose from as you mow down hordes of marks trying to kill you with a good set of moves, accompanied by banter, other 1 liners, and other antics from one of the coolest Marvel characters ever. #Yolo


You’re a bounty out to help this scientist out with some research that could save humanity, then the ship you’re in gets shot down and for most of the other people, if they didn’t die in the crash, they were found by psychotic mutants and killed. You take your customizable character with their abilities and do damage against all kinds of mutant people and bugs, and you play online with many players at once, so when there’s a major event going down, all kinds of people are gonna be in one spot, as all of you co-op together against the enemy. You can also join up on multiplayer maps meant for 4 players or actually team up in the field. You also got randomly spawned challenges along the way you’re goin, chances to save lives, do research, or get rid of enemies(usually happens when doin’ research, and it’s usually the bugs).


Not much to say about this FPS first appearing on the original Xbox, outside of playing as a super space marine that travels the universe trying to save it from some group of aliens. I’ve had this game for a while but haven’t beat it yet, but the online mode was fun, and they even had it’s own online story for players to co-op on, and the maps and episodes were free and updated regularly, which was really cool. I mean, this is pretty much all you need, and while I’m being simplistic about this, the overall experience of the story is just great(as far as I got)

Let’s see, playing as a mutated badass who can change his limbs into weapons to use all kinds of attacks, like swords, claws, gauntlets, a whip, the tendrils and some other junk. He can also take the form of the last person he absorbed(also doubles for health regeneration), use guns, and tear up vehicles, or hijack them. There’s even stealth gameplay if you’re into that. The overall experience of this game is just excellent, and like the other games I mentioned, has a huge dose of action.

Now, am I saying all M rated games are this good? No. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot out there I don’t really care for, however, while the market is saturated with some of the same kind of games, I can see why people play them so much, and if anything, I have a hard to thinking of any M rated games I’ve played and didn’t enjoy. Looking at E rated games, I’m not saying all of them are bad, but many of them lack the experience I noted with the M rated games, and look a lot less appealing, to the point that I don’t even want to pick most of them up, but here are a few examples form Nintendo(since they’re like, the main few E rated games ever called out):


From what I hear, the story has something going for itself(a rare case if it’s not an RPG, save that last paper Mario game), but being a Nintendo game, and a Mario game no less, it’s gonna be praised anyway.


Despite being downright kiddy, many Kirby games can actually be enjoyable. This isn’t one of those games I’m afraid, but a shining example of why E rated games are looked down upon, and why Kirby’s games barely sale.


He the hell cares about his solo games? People thought his first game was BS before it even came out.


And who the freak even are these guys? This game would be lucky if someone actually cared enough to even look at the back cover!

Yeah, I know someone’s gonna say something about me blowing past these games like this right after I got not hyping those M titles, but seriously, these games don’t even look like they offer anything more then Nintendo’s warped view sense of direction with gaming, and by god, many of the 3rd party titles looked just as bad, if not worse…..

Before anyone jumps the gun, no, I’m not saying all E rated games are bad, it’s mainly this generation’s line of E rated games. Hell, look at the list of E games for he 360! Most of dem mugs are sports titles, and only a certain few are actually games, and most of them are Disney IPs. It get’s a tad bit better in the E10 section at least, though I barely hear about any of these games outside of Rayman, but dat new Plants for Zombies looks tight though. Huh? what the hell is dis on the 2nd page? “Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion”?





Wait, didn’t Sony catch hell for doing the exact same thing? I still think it has a better roster, but on this right here, Samurai Jack and Aku as playable characters? I’m already sold. Grim and Mojo are tight to.

See, this is the type of shiznite I can get into, and for all those people who were saying the industry is just about FPS games, well… heh…. have dat seat. 😀 I should also mention the arcade games for good measure. Some of these games are also on PSN and Steam, and if not, you’ll find still find something different from the norm.

But I digress! More importantly, I wanna touch on E games again, or at least games that would be considered as such now, but anyway……






Not even going to go into detail about these games, cause I’m sure any Sega fan or someone who at least played a lot of Sega games already know what the deal was with each or at least one of these games. Cool characters, tone range from balanced to series, great music up the freakin’ backside, and all around great action. Bonus points for not pulling out Streets of Rage or one of Sonic’s games, yall know I don’t need to do that. 😀

And before and of you Nintendo drones get at me again, I know Nintendo makes games like Starfox, F-Zero, and Metroid, but in the last generation, how many times have we actually seen them compared to their more treasured family friendly games? Don’t worry I’ll wait. ON a further note, not just Sega, but there were many good games back in the day in general that could pass as E games these days, but they were at least decent and had some appeal, while looking at E games these days, it’s as if they can’t get out of that family friendly mindset, like a guy in the friend zone with a chick he desperately wants to bang. Even the N64 had some decent E titles on it, no doubt the PS1 did, hell, their main mascots were copies of Sonic, who was popular because of character, not just his gameplay, nor this made up “cute and soft” farce people are spittin’ about. Even less cartoony games weren’t this epic.

Gonna have to sum this up our current situation of this generation with a mix saturation, fanboyism, and neglect…. No talk on the T rated games, whatsoever. 😛

There’s something about these trailers that just speak to me, and I’m gonna try to explain that(This is a blog site after all). The main thing I get from these trailer is a good since of both good comedy, and more importantly, a balance in tone. Compared to most games on the market that lean to much on the extreme, M rated games being very gritty for moral guardians and E rated games being too childish for most gamers, WildStar looks like one of those games with enough substance to keep the average gamer interested, while not going to far in it’s tone.

While many people will argue about M rated games being too gritty and gory, the thing about them is that they actually have the appeal and substance needed to keep people playing them, even kids, which is understandable when most notable E rated game son the market just aren’t that good to begin with, and even if some of them are good, they most likely wont have a lot of advertisement, combined with the fact that some folks wont even pick up a game that looks childish, they most likely wont sell very well. Back to substance, when I play M rated games, from COD to even Diablo 3, they come with a lot of action and features and other things to keep people interested compared to the average E rated title, unless it’s one of the lucky few digital titles to have good developers behind it(Castle Crashers is one good example and it’s repetitive as hell), not to mention that online is a big thing these days, and even a must have for a lot of gamers. This is the problem with Sonic games now, their too E rated and lack any substance appeal to keep people playing, unless it’s a certain Nintendo IP. Sonic used to be a series meant for all ages, it didn’t become aimed at kids until Izuka came up with heroes and whoever the writer is for that game. Of course, that the problem with many E rated titles, as I already said, and it’s made worse when it’s problems are over saturated in the market, so is the problem with many M rate titles, though I have to admit, not every M rated title is that gritty, just like at Red Faction Armageddon, or even the Halo series, it barely has any gore or even cussing in it, just good action.

Lookin’ at Wildstar, it’s not a game aimed just at kids, which gives it a good start, since barely anyone wants kids games, but at the same time, isn’t too gritty, and we need more games like this on the spotlight, especially with consoles, cause I may have problems trying to play this game….