Biased Claims

Posted: March 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Been a long time since I updated this blog, but I ran into a few things since I’ve been gone and when I feel like it, maybe I can make more post on them.

One thing I want to get out of the way is, of course, Sonic related. There’s this video I came across, one of those “Did you know gaming” videos. The video is not the important thing, it’s one of the comments I found. What I’m about do is respond to that and point out why it’s stupid. Here’s the link.

“Veon11 year ago (edited)
Sega was all style and no substance. The entire mindset of Sega of America was focused on surface image. While Nintendo was nurturing in-house some of the best videogame development talent in the industry, Sega was blowing through cash on marketing. No wonder they couldn’t survive long. They had a short-term bang and quickly petered out. Dumb catchphrases don’t build brand loyalty, quality products do.”

The very first sentience gets off at a very bad start. All style and no substance? Without even getting into the fact that Sega most made arcade games, what the hell does he mean by substance? All his talk about Nintendo nurturing in-house development means jack squat when you know most of their most praised games are carbon copies of older titles, amounting to updated Amiga, arcade, or Atari games. Donkey Kong was made after a Popeye game and Super Mario Bros was influenced by Pac-Land. There was a whole video on this in which the uploader not only talked about this, but also gives us a glimpse of this “brand loyalty” is acting high and mighty about.

The other thing I need to talk is how he blatantly tried to tie his problems with Sega with why they didn’t last long. They’re advertising had shit to do with that, in fact their advertising contributed to their fame, I say contributed, not the reason for it, I never even saw their advertising back then, but I played both SEGA and Nintendo games. Fact is I can like Nintendo and other companies, but I’m not going to be a fanboy and act like everyone else suck when most of them are really just as good, especially nowadays, they’ve gotten much worse is I’m not even talking about their game specifically, though their not selling. At this point, I only keep an icon of Falco because he’s my favorite Starfox character and the picture itself was well drawn, however I must digress because I wasn’t even planning on saying any of this. To put it shortly, Sega didn’t last long because of Sega of Japan, anyone with any mild knowledge of SOJ’s actions after the success of the Genesis knows what went down back then.

“I kinda skipped the 16bit generation, only playing the Mega Drive at friends’ places, but going back and comparing the libraries of the Mega Drive vs the SNES, it’s not even close, the Nintendo destroyed Sega.”

And he has nothing to back that up. You could say Zelda is better then Golden Axe but it would just come down to a matter of preference, but after that, I mean, there’s not much that needs to be said to this, especially when you add the many original games Sega made back then (Streets of Rage, Phantasy Star, Vectorman) along with their arcade ports(Golden Axe, Space Harrier, Alien Storm), exactly how are they being destroyed? It’s constantly seeing shit like this that’s driving me away form the fanbase, taking subjective shit like this and trying to make it objective with no means of explination.

“Edit: to clarify, my post is not about saying the MD sucks, I quite enjoy it despite thinking the SNES is superior, it’s about criticising the fact that SoA essentially invented the “console wars” in their marketing department to gain a short-term boost to their marketshare.”
Meaning he basically said all that shit because he’s butthurt about Sega’s advertising. The Sega hate in the Nintendo fanbase is strong, but many of them hate on almost anything not Nintendo if their common behavior and what was said in that video is anything to go by.

There’s more I can go on but I’m gonna end this after this last quote because I’m already tired of writing about this guy.
“+SotNist Mostly agree, maybe I’m being a bit hyperbolic, though I think some Mega Drive games are a bit overrated. Especially the Sonic games, which I enjoyed back then but looking back I can see the design flaws (and the reason they have struggled to move the formula forward).

And great point about the Mega Drive being initially a competitor to the NES, something that is often forgotten in console wars discussions.”
Goes out of his way to mention how overrate Sega games are is pretty much him admitting he dislikes the fact people like them, something very common within the Nintendo fandom. Aside from the fact that again, he has nothing to back up what he’s saying, one issue is his goes into Sonic being flawed by design and nothing being able to move on form the issue. Since he makes no effort to back this up as well, I’ll point something out myself. I don’t know if he’s talking about gameplay, but let’s assume he is for the moment, and also remeber a good number of people pull this too. Most of time until, Sonic gameplay is hardly flawed, in fact it’s not flawed at all. His gameplay is nothing more then jumping and rolling with responsive controls that work perfectly. I’ve played a decent amount of platformers before and I can say Sonic is one of the top when it comes to it, even if he’s basically a faster Mario. The only flaw in design anyone can attribute to with Sonic is stage design, which can very with each game on mindset at the time. When Sonic was first designed, he was meant to be a faster Mario as we all well know, though this became a problem in Sonic 1 due to most stages after Green Hill being more Mario like in design rather then Sonic like. Of course, this was Sonic’s first game so it’s understandable, but I hate how Sega decided to design their stages like this in more recent game, mainly more Marble zone like where you’re just platforming and balancing the two like they should, of course this goes into their “Roots” mentality the Nintendo fanboys go on about, seeing how this has been happening since Unleashed where you’re taken out of 3D for 2D, but progressively got worse with Colors and on. This mentality that being 2D, the platforming has to be slow paced like your average 2D Mario game. Going back to the classics though, Sonic 2 and 3 did away with that mind set and most stages became more open and spacious enough for you to get you speed on, where platforming was reduced from jumping block to block to jumping single gaps, at least most of the time anyway. The problem is this is lost on people because they generalize platforming to the Mario like formula, so more often then not, you mostly get slow paced shit nowadays because it’s the mentality everyone has. I can tell because I see this in fan games to. I also believe something was said about this on Deviantart.

To put it simply, this has nothing to do with Sonic’s design being flawed if we assume it’s about gameplay, but flawed because of a mentality that platforming needs to follow the Mario formula. This was fixed in later games and moved forward with though, and to say the flaw that was fixed is why couldn’t go further with it is just more hyperbole, which I know the guy admits to being hyperbolic, but not only does he continues to do it to make biased claims, his comment got 100+ likes, essentially saying 2 things” 100+ people co-sign his asinine statements as well as dropping into a Sega video to be biased against them. As I said before, this is that shit I get tired of, for all that talk about letting people enjoy what they like, they have a hard time doing so themselves. It’s become a defense mechanism at this point.

  1. asia_catdog_blue says:

    “Donkey Kong was made after a Popeye game”

    Wait…which Popeye game?

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