What should we praise then?

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’ve recently went to that video that one dude made, ProJared I think? Anyway, it was that review he made of SA2, the one all the fanboys were praising because he bashed it. I didn’t watch the video because I already knew it was made to troll and every video about bashing SA2 never tries to hide this fact. The biggest thing about this though, is that over a decade since this game has came out, people are still mad about the fact that people praise SA2, as if people who like a game is suppose to praise to much, despite the fact that everyone does it, it’s only SA2 fans that have to be trolled on. This hardly happens to any other fanbase, even the sectors in the Sonic fanbase, unless you’re a Satam fan because people seem to hate them for some reason, but given the bile I’ve seen people spit about that show, and that the fans of the show are not expected to defend themselves, it’s easy to see why people don’t like them. Just like how I can see people getting pissed off at Adventure fans, they actually defend their shit and praise it, even though they have every right to. It comes down to the fallacy of a double standard.

Now, there’s already been detailed reasons stated by other people why SA2 was good, 2 I can think of offhand being Conflicting views and the Sonic Adventure 3 facebook page. I’m going another route with this, explaining why SA2 is so great, by pointing out the general flaws in every console game from SA2 and after. SA1 doesn’t need to be included because SA2 is it’s sequel, and most of what’s mainly praised in SA2 already came from SA1, with a few differences. It will mostly come to gameplay and content, because those are the two biggest subjects of the games.


Most people will agree that the content of this game is great, and probably the biggest reason this game gets praised by people who aren’t trying to separate how much of the game is great by percentages because they hate Treasure Hunting and Mech shooting. The story is engaging and soundtrack is one of the best in the series. The speed gameplay is almost universally loved.

Treasure Hunting gets a lot of flak for being bad, even though it offers the exploration some naysayers say was what made SA1 great. Many of them get mad at the stages for being big and empty, but most people who know how to play this game can finish these levels in a short amount of time, most people making these complaints because it they claim how many times it takes them 10 minutes or so to find the emeralds. There’s also tripping over the radar, which even though it would make levels faster, again, many people can still find the emeralds in a short amount of time, even without the hints. The only way to not find these emeralds is to somehow miss the area it’s in when you’re constantly running through the stage they’re in, and a decade after the game is out, people should know where everything is since everyone seems to have a vivid memory of how “bad” this was.

Mech Shooting catches flak, mainly for being slower then Gamma, but never saying thing about Amy in SA1 being slow. Aside from that, it’s mostly the fact that Tails is in a mech, when it doesn’t even hurt the game in any way.

Both Treasure Hunting and Mech Shooting catch flak for not being like the speed stages, because as we all know, that makes them bad by defualt and no good in the slightest.

Now to Sonic Heroes:
The story is pretty straight forward without anything to make it that engaging or even memorable. There’s also the weird part where every team had to be in a boss fight with two other teams for almost no reason, or a stupid one, especially the two fight Team Rose were involved in.

Has a mechanic where you can switch between a group of 3 characters. Speed characters are ok but the controls seem a bit stiff compared to SA2 speed gameplay.
Flying characters exclusively play in a formation where they carry the other two teammates and using them as projectiles, unless you somehow lose them in boss fight against a team, or special robot that captures characters. It’s ok, but given the new life span added to enemies and mostly useful for activating certain switches, they’re a lot less fun then the mech and Gamma shooting mechanics, and you usually wont want to use them for long. How high you can fly is also limited, to where you literally can’t move up anymore as if you hit an invisible wall. I guess Sega figured it would be cheap, but flying isn’t even that fast to be so, and you can’t switch in midair if you needed to, kinda defeating the purpose of doing that.

Power characters are more playable they flying characters, but given that their midair action is exclusively for fans to make you float up, something flying characters should’ve been able to do on their own, and slow speed, will make you want to switch to other characters once their job is done, either beating up robots, which any team member can do, or breaking certain objects.

Shadow the Hedgehog:
Shadow has an interesting and engaging story, but it’s mostly based on what missions you choose to do, only the last story that has the most impact and meaning, but the cut scenes before aren’t bad and pretty simple.

This game is almost exclusively hated for Guns, vehicles, and the word “damn”. Guns are far more useful then any action Shadow has, mainly because the homing attack and spin dash are nerfed, and punching is very short ranged, even though it’s cool to do that and follow up with a kick flip. People feel vehicles shouldn’t even be there because Shadow is already fast and the cars are slow and don’t control well. Despite that though, the controls really aren’t that bad for the vehicles, and it’s mainly cars and bigger that don’t control well, but motorcycles and other stuff you can pilot have pretty decent controls. The vehicles do have one use not too many people address, and that’s the armor they provide from damage, as you wont take any damage when driving them, and can simply run enemies over for a kill, not even needing to shoot them, the smaller ones anyway. There’s also the part about all enemies shooting at you even when you choose to assist them, but one would have to wonder why would you stand there long enough for you to take that damage in the first place, and most attacks are pretty slow and easy to get away from just by jumping.

The story is hated by most folks for taking it’s self too seriously.

Sonic Unleashed:
The only thing people seemed to like about this game as the speed stages. The speed stages weren’t even that good due to the cheap level design that’s gonna fuck you up in some way before long, unless you’re one of those speedrunners who memorizes those levels.

Secret Rings and Black Knight:
Both hated for bad gameplay.

Sonic Colors:
Bad Content and story all around, and the speed gameplay people wanted from Unleashed was here. The game is said to be much easier, but the level design seem to get boring this time. Many have said that the game is more 2D then 3D and the 2D sections have been described as blocky, as if your playing a Mario game and not a Sonic game.

Sonic Generations:
The level design is somewhat fixed here but the content is shallow, and really seems like one big missed opportunity. The game doesn’t even feel like it was celebrating Sonic like it was advertised, but celebrating the twisted ideals of what people make Sonic out to be. In the end, it’s just a collection of levels you play in 2D 75% of the time and 3D 25% of the time, with no sense of adventure, just classic and modern Sonic and no one else. The story itself is like the rest of the content, shallow, and the premise starting with celebrating Sonic’s birthday in a random meadow just to have the tie eater fuck it up, rather then something concrete and something that could set off a real story. If anything, it was just a big pander to nostalgia since the internet has done nothing but brain wash people into thinking Sonic isn’t worth anything beyond speed and platforming, not the adventures he had in general, and how the could be interpreted now, since we CLEARLY didn’t have technology to tell a story back then.


Did I mention clearly?

Sonic Lost World:
Not even going to go into this, lord knows nobody else did given how badly it bombed, only to be outdone by…

Sonic Boom:
The game that totally gave into the internet brain washing and took everything you loved about this series and spit it in our faces. Anyone claiming anything from this bullshit is good or damage controlling for it in anyway, stay clear of them, for the sake of your brain cells. I honestly wanted to give this game a chance, and while I admit I had some mild interest in trying Sonic Boom Rise of lyric, I just don’t think it’s worth it. The cartoon, comics, and Shattered Crystal? Hell no.
I know I’m suppose to be going into the flaws, but it’s existence is a flaw. Say what you will about me saying this Boom fans, but if you’re one of the people who kept telling everyone how bad everything else about Sonic is, you have no room to talk.

Ok, so that’s it. Now, looking into all this, I have to ask, if not praise the Sonic Adventure games, then what are we suppose to praise? We all liked the classic games, but they’re not the only games worth praising, and many people who identify as classic fans don’t even really praise the classics, they just talk about gameplay, color, and being simple. The modern games post 06 and pre Colors? Many adventure haters hate that shit to. Games post Black Knight? The story, adventure, and character of the classic and Adventure games are totally missing, and are often too kiddy, even for kids, and/or shallow content wise. Gameplay is the only real thing being praised, because these people claimed for years that stories didn’t matter, but I guess they started to with Colors because of how moronic the writing was.

I can only finish with with this: People, if you don’t like the adventure games nor people praising them, mind your own damn bidness, but I know you wont do it because you have to keep promoting your false ideals about a franchise you never liked in the first place. Either way, it’s not you place to tell use what to praise who take it as an insult for us liking it. It’s pretty ironic that many of these people in an argument, can’t wait to tell someone who they are attacking them for their opinions, when they, and their peers of other special snowflakes, have been guilty of this since Unleashed came out when they blamed children for how bad the franchise is now, the franchise said kids don’t want anything to do with now, nor anyone else for that matter. This all comes down to pushing a double standard for their own benefit, which explains the complete lack of reasoning.


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