Sonic needs cues from TMNT content

Posted: February 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Damn I’ve been gone for a while, but I was given something new to talk about and I suddenly remembered that I had this damn blog. Now, there’s very little going on with Sonic, but it hasn’t stopped the flamewars, in fact, I see some people spending more time defending figures behind Sonic, like that twitter account that’s only useful when trolls want to feel good about the bad example they’ve set for Sonic fans, but I digress. Lately, Platinum games has been busy. It hasn’t been too long since Transformers Devastation, and now they’re already have a preview out for their next game, and at this point, us Sonic fans have to be jealous of Ninja Turtle fans because they have it so good:

Ninja Turtles fans got this kickass game coming out, something us Sonic fans wish we could be excited for, but instead, only get strung along with bread crumbs and promises where only some of us less optimistic folks could hope we’re wrong about it being another hot mess no one wants.

One would only have to look at how a fanbase like the one for Ninja Turtles to see why the Sonic fanbase is still screwed up in this day an age, aside from all the flaming from people who aren’t even fans to begin with. For one, Ninja Turtles actually has good shit. Games that aren’t pissing people off and actually look good, a decent TV Show, and the comic books look promising, especially given that it’s the same writer for the archie comics, Ian flynn. Of course, they also have a movie coming out, and since it’s Micheal Bay’s name is on it, people are going to hate on it for whatever happens and ignores the decent entertainment I’m pretty sure it will have, hell, the first one was better then anything Sonic related in the past few years, bar the comics.

When it gets down to it though, it’s shit like what was in that Ninja Trutles game that Sonic needs to be taking cues from, I mean, they actually took Bebob and Rocksteady and made them look like a threat, especially Bobop revving a damn chainsaw in this shit! Of course I mean in terms of content, I wouldn’t mind if Sonic fighting game took after this, sadly, I doubt Boom would be shit in comparison to this when it comes out, nor was it before then, lol. Point is, Sega is so busy pleasing the people who never liked Sonic in the first place, that they’re doing jack shit for people who actually want them to do right. If this game is doing anything that’s considered a crime for a Sonic game in terms of content, then pass your fake Sonic fan card and stick to Sonic Boom and trying to convince people that it’s ok to make bad media because it’s for kids, and by kids, they mean adults with no standards in what they watch, cause they’re the ones praising this shit.

That’s all I feel like writing right now, but I do want to get back into using this blog more, and hopefully I do. Given the subject, I’d like to direct what few people who read this to go to an older article where I talked about people’s notion of Sonic being kiddy due to being colorful and other games that were colorful but still had good shit:


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