Rash in Killer Instinct 3/Make “Legacy Sonic” this cool

Posted: August 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

So I was on youtube the other day looking up videos on Killer Instinct 3 when I found this:

Now I’m not the biggest Battletoads fan, because I didn’t know about them back when they were out, but I gotta say that I like them, and it’s really cool seeing one of them have a guest spot like this, especially in one of the best fighting games ever made. One thing I really like about this is Rash’s own character. I mean, the toads haven’t had a game in about 2 decades, and they were able to get his character right.

Of course, I got to get on Sega and Sonic about this, given that Sonic has been having game after game, and has gotten worse, of course, appealing to a small demographic who have no idea how anything works outside their own small minded views, unless it supports their agenda. Whatever the case maybe, we have Rash come out of 20 years od MIA status, and comes out great. All I have to ask is what the F*#% is wrong with Sega? This is something Sonic should be doing on a daily basis, and him and Sega are getting beat out like this.

Archie Sonic2

Should’ve just stuck to American canon, not try to overshadow it with that Boom trash and calling the original Sonic “Legacy Sonic”

I’m just at a loss at this point though, and I already know all the answers from this guy, so I don’t know why I’m asking. I also already know people would get mad at the idea of Sonic being cool, but those people are flat out wrong. You can’t even say anything about KI3 anyway because blood is the only mature related s#%& in this game anyway, and it’s not even dark, it’s balance, but relies purely on action and style, like it always did if you compared this series to Mortal Kombat. Again, something Sonic should be doing on a daily basis. I’m sure this is redundant to the people who already agree with this notion, but the haters, you guys need to get your minds right, cause this BS we’ve been gettin’ ain’t cuttin’ it. I dare any of you to try and shoot down how what the developers of KI3 with Rash is bad for Sonic without looking like a fanboy. Attacking me for saying so won’t do you any good, but shows just how wrong you guys are.

While I’m at it, I saw this drama on deviatnart with Psycho the Frog, and how people deliberately started defending light hearted content and ignore what he was saying Sonic should be taking after this PC game called Hover:

Making Sonic Appealing

Couldn’t have said any of that better myself

Now, the drama that popped off there and the content of opposing opinions is what proves the whole thing about supporting agenda’s, as I said before, all the ones complaining were arguing over what he said about light hearted s*&% and not on the game he said Sonic should be like. Plus, I saw the video, the game does look pretty good, and has a good overall rating on Steam.

Like with Rash on Killer Instinct 3, I really want to see what people have to say about making Sonic like this game, especially when it brings speed and color, much like what so many people require from Sonic if packaged as a kids product.


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