The Reason for all the Sonic Fanbase Negativity 1

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Now, as I look at the many arguments over Sonic Boom, and hell, look back at all the bickering that on over Lost World, there’s always the constant reminder at how Sonic fans are so negative, an constant comparing them to Nintendo fans, making it our as if Sonic fans are the only rabid fans, despite every other fandom being just as bad and doing as much dirt, including Nintendo fans. In any case, what I’m gonna do is write a series of articles clarifying why all this negativity exists in the first place. Here’s the first of that series of articles.

-Sonic going from cool to kiddy-

If you don’t see this as a problem, you’re either one of those guys who specifically likes kiddy games, prefer them because you think Sonic sucked when trying to be cool and edgy, and/or don’t understand Sonic, his creation, and success. First and foremost, Sonic was made to be a cool character, and for as many people who argued against Sonic games being dark, those arguing against him being kiddy should and do have the same right. Sonic was made to be the anti Mario, not to be like every game that was trying to copy him, hell, this was the very reason we had all those anthro games characters in the first place, because of Sonic, and honestly, I think Ninja Turtles had something to do with it to, because Sonic resembled them in coolness, hell, Sonic was even cooler then them at the time of their 90’s cartoon. There’s also the fact that many people don’t like kiddy looking games, even kids don’t, which is why I would have to ask this question: why didn’t people look at content like Ninja Turtles, and other games and cartoons that emulated them and Sonic?


Trying to hard to be cool right?

Really if you think about it, there’s so much hype over Sonic and Mario being rivals and such, but style wise, Sonic fits more with the cast of Playstation All-Stars then he does in Super Smash Bros, especially with 2 of their popular characters, Sly and Ratchet, fit with Sonic’s style, and the games over style in itself. This goes to show the lack of taste or standards the people in this fanbase have if they think Sonic has to be kiddy because “he’s a cartoon Hedgehog” when there’s so much going against that lame notion.

If this isn’t trying to hard, I don’t know what is.

The funny part is that despite all the hate 3D titles got for trying to be epic, people seem to forget that Sonic was actually just as epic or even moreso then more maturer looking titles back in the day, at least when it came to final boss battles with Sonic 2 , and a lot more with the ending of Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Flying through space chasing down a giant robot is a lot more exciting and epic then fighting Shao Khan in Mortal Kombat, or Gargos in Killer Instinct 2(and a lot easier).


Flying in a special golden form in a level literally called Doomsday.


Same old fight you were in a number of times before, you’re just at the last guy.

Hell, being a cartoony game that did that type of stuff is what made Sonic edgy in the first place, and that’s what made him cool in the first place. To bash on Sonic “trying to be cool”, is the same as bashing Sonic and the series itself. Also, refer back to Sonic being colorful or cartoony doesn’t mean he’s exactly kiddy.

To put it shortly, we had something great with this series, and if it’s not bad enough that it was taken away from us, you have people who act like it was a bad thing to try and be cool(which again was the reason for Sonic’s success), and even worse when they act like being kiddy isn’t a problem, or even more that it’s preferable, when it hasn’t been for any party outside of the very people who think that.


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