Sonic being colorful or cartoony doesn’t mean he’s exactly kiddy

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ok, so a lot of times I’ve read people saying that Sonic being color contributes to one of the reasons he’s a kids game or should be kiddy.

Sweet ToothColorful? Like my hair?

That argument itself is flawed given the number of games that were very well balanced despite being colorful or being bright, which even then, you only have to get to Marble Zone, right after Green Hill, to see the difference, where the stage is mainly dark purple and the brightest color there is coming from the molten lava that could kill you. That’s why the purpose of this article is to combat that “opinion” with said games of Color or cartoony characters, but still remaining balanced.

Earthworm Jim

While colors and even cartoony, the game has a number of dark levels like what the heck and the final level, while the others are more balanced, not really too dark but not very light either(compared to Sonic). Jim comes close to Sonic’s coolness with the stage tone and great music, at least for the first game, and while it’s comical, the 2nd game kinda tone down Jim’s own edge that he showed with his face before the stages started and the more serious look he had in his stance. Now he’s more worried looking while jogging in place, while both game and music just got a lot more sillier.


The Toads are about int eh same boat as Earthworm Jim, just less colorful. They’ve gotten 3 other games, and while not much different aside from graphics, the arcade game took it up a notch…

Blood, gore, decapitations, seeing you enemies on the toilet, vomit, crotch grabbing and abusing, and being able to see the Dark Queens nipples in the background of the boss battle for level 3. These are very cartoony characters, even being based on TMNT, but they were still able to do all this stuff without getting too much static over it from fans. The levels were overall darker to.

Gunstar Heroes

While having bright coloring in the first stage, the game mainly puts on a more serious face, though some of the characters can have different expressions and still come off as cartoony sometimes, it doesn’t go too much into that direction to make the tone seem kiddy. Pay attention to the music to, instead of sounding more like Mushroom Kingdom or Green Hill to fit the stage, the music fits more with the tone of the game and the constant action. This also got some sort of a sequel on the gameboy Advance, but while it seems more like a remake, it’s got a few extra things here and there and more dialogue, which touches more on the story as you play on harder levels.


Pretty much a lot like Gunstar heroes but less colors and actually a bit more cartoony sometimes.

Guardian Heroes

This game actually looks more cartoony then Gunstar Heroes, but the action is just as chaotic and fierce, and the narrative of the game also pushes it in a more serious direction, and that in itself depends on what paths you take. It’s also worth noting that both this also got a remake on the gameboy advance, and it’s pretty much as I described the original here.

Now, if you think Sonic is a kids game, then you really would need to see these titles and see the big difference in both music and art style:

Now those are kids games right there, and before I forget, here’s a game from my childhood that actually was based on a cartoon, yet, look how realistic it looks compared to the last 3 games:

With all that, we have to look back at Sonic.



The main thing about Sonic was how much cooler and edgier he could be. The fing…


Let me explain that before jump all over me. The finger wagging, the waiting animations, his look alone, contributed to him being more edgy because they’re weren’t too many games like that back at the time, nor characters that did what he did. Even Earthworm Jim and Sparkster were inspired by him, and while the Toads were suppose to be copies of the Ninja Turtles, the Turtles themselves were originally edgy and even more serious in their first conception, Sonic himself ended being the TMNT of videos games if you will, both spawning meany copies after their coolness. What also contributed to Sonic being edgy, was that he had the potential to have more balanced and even darker tones once you get past Green Hill Zone, I mean, right up there around both the Battletoads arcade game(minus gore) and Earthworm Jim, and how epic Gunstar Heroes and even Sparkster could be around the end. In short, being edgy doesn’t just me being gory and having more mature content, but being unconventional and pushing boundaries, and even then, you could see the darkness that could be found in Sonic from both SATAM and the comics, and not just them being dark, but them taking their narrative seriously(while still having humor of course) and the trials it took to overcome all the challenges despite how bleak things could get.

On another note, if you still think being more colorful means a game has to be childish, you can refer back to my article on Wildstar. Oh, and you would also have a hard time believing that this is an M rated game.


The explosion of color never has been so kiddy. XD

  1. Sonic has always been colorful and cartoony but it had edge and maturity using humor sparingly..

  2. Miru says:

    What about Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, Darkstalkers, Freedom Planet, and of course, Kingdom Hearts?

    • heatseeker0 says:

      Just looked up Maui Mallard. Great example.

      While good examples, Darkstalkers is a more darker toned fighter(while still having cartoony animations), so it’s easy to not presume it kiddy.

      Freedom Planet has a lot of action but the art style makes it looks like some kind of anime with a “moe” troop of females(There’s a big difference in the main casts look at Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, and Nicole).

      Like Darkstalkers, it’s easy to tell to presume it to not be kiddy, though the Disney characters could throw off those who don’t look for enough into it, and the other cast are more japanezy if anything.

      The examples I use felt closer to the asthetics of being cartoony and colorful without being kiddy, or actually being kiddy, without it’s content giving it away or make someone think otherwise just by looking at it.

      Of course, there’s you Maui Mallard example and you may be wondering about what I said about Kingdom hearts, but Maui actually looks like a colorful action game, while kingdom hearts looks like a color fantasy game. Get what I mean?

  3. […] Sonic being colorful or cartoony doesn’t mean he’s exactly kiddy […]

  4. […] Sonic being colorful or cartoony doesn’t mean he’s exactly kiddy […]

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