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Posted: July 18, 2014 in Uncategorized
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What I wanna do here is show a few games that have the balance that most E rated games of today are missing, as well as elements on how Sonic can be handled when done right. At the very least, it will show that an E rated games doesn’t need to be just for kids or made the same way Nintendo likes to do them, or at least showing a good balance.

Now, looking at all those games, you’ve got elements there that make the games more interesting. All of them have an engaging storyline and action to make you get into and care about the game, as well as good music, Sly Cooper has good balanced dialogue, Bastion and Tansistor have great artstyle and presentation, Bomberman showcases it’s cool looking enemies, which look like robots with DBZ scanners, and Buck Bumble has it’s cool premise of an armed cybernetic bee going against an army of mutated bugs, and it’s not played merely for kicks. In their own way, all of these games have something cool and interesting about them that people of all ages can get into, without primarily being made to target to kids, unlike this:

Whether or not Lost Mind looks fun, the game is no where near appealing to the average gamer nor is it presented well enough to make people care beyond that fact that it’s a Sonic game and that it’s colorful, proven by the experience noted in this article. Of course, you have Sonic Boom which looks better in comparison, but that dialogue is gonna piss off a good amount of people, if it already hasn’t.


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